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Members and friends of UUCC, our beloved community has been entrusted with our care, to honor its past, keep it strong for the present and prepare it for the future. It is in our own caring hands to use love, wonder and connection to transform ourselves and the world.

Every dollar of UUCC’s income comes from its members and friends. Every year, we ask each member and friend to make a financial commitment so that we can effectively and responsibly plan our church programs and further the mission and vision of our church.

The annual UUCC planning process relies on projecting income to achieve its goals. Eighty one percent of UUCC’s income comes from the contributions of members and friends who pledge and make regular donations to the church.  The rest comes from other fundraising activities such as the Auction, UUCCEats, the Baker’s Duuzen, the Shady Grove Coffee House, non-pledged income from the Sunday morning offering and other donations. Please keep in mind we are an independent church, and no monies are contributed to us by the UUA.

Methods of payment

  • Set up Automatic deductions via OneChurch.
  • Donate Stock – This is an excellent option for donating appreciated stocks.  The church receives the full current value of the donated stock, with tax benefits to you.  Here is the link for making a stock gift.
  • Use Bill pay services through your bank.
  • Make Direct payments — Mail a check to UUCC 11105 Cauthorne Road, Glen Allen, VA 23059
  • RMDs – for those who must withdraw a Required Minimum Distribution from their retirement accounts, you can have it directed to UUCC with tax benefits to you.
  • Charitable gift trust – check with your tax advisor about setting up this vehicle to support giving to UUCC.
  • Donor Advised Funds – check with your tax advisor to set up this simple fund to donate to UUCC and other charitable organizations.


UUCC 2022-23 Stewardship Campaign – Building our Future | TOP

We need your support with Building our Future and sustaining our loving UUCC community!

This year in March we will ask our UUCC members and friends to look ahead and make a generous and meaningful financial commitment toward fulfilling our mission and strengthening our spiritual community in the upcoming church year.

This is our annual Stewardship Campaign, and we hold it each year because our congregation is self-supporting. Virtually every dollar of UUCC’s income comes from its members, friends and guests.

This year we are changing our approach to the campaign.  We hope to have as much direct individual contact (virtual and / or in person) as is practical.  We will ask for your input:

  1. On what you think of UUCC now, 
  2. Your sense about the next phase of our UUCC lives together,
  3. Your vision of what UUCC’s future should look like and,
  4. How you see your role in building our future.  

Our volunteer Stewards will meet either in person or virtually with as many couples, families or individuals who are able.  We will also schedule group meetings for those who prefer that option.  We ask you to please take the time for this important opportunity to share what you think with the leadership at UUCC and agree to meet with the Stewards in advance of deciding your pledge.  The  input we gather will be provided to the Board and to the Search committee.

Please consider pledging an amount that reflects your serious commitment to UUCC, the place you have chosen as your spiritual home. If everyone gives as they are able we can build an exciting future together at UUCC.

Below you will find links to all the information you need to participate. Please check out these links. 

Let’s work together Building our Future!

Stewardship Chair


Stewardship Timeline – please review the planned timing of the campaign | TOP

Timeline for Members and Friends

By 2/11 – Everyone will have received a heads up email about the campaign with links to the online brochure and other important documents about the campaign etc.

2/13 Sunday sermon kicking off the campaign

2/14 – 3/6 – Stewards will meet with a cross section of the church on an individual basis (virtual or in person depending on what folks choose) to talk about the campaign and to discuss what matters to the congregation about UUCC now and into the future.  The Stewardship committee will conduct multiple small group Zoom meetings so that everyone has a chance to participate.  The sessions will end by 3/5.

3/5 –The online pledging tool will be opened. We ask everyone to complete their pledge by 3/5.

Please say Yes to UUCC by agreeing to meet with the Stewards or attend a small group meeting.

Online Stewardship Brochure –   Please read this brochure to learn more about how your financial support matters to UUCC. It’s on us to make it happen!

Fair Share Giving Guide Look at the guide here.

Online Pledge Form – Please complete this form to let us know your pledge commitment.

Frequently Asked Questions | TOP

Who should pledge?

Everyone who is regularly participating in the congregation and cares about the congregation and its mission is invited to pledge. This includes members, friends, and guests.

Choosing to become a member of UUCC includes making a commitment to support it financially. As members, we own and care for our building, we employ our dedicated staff, and we accept responsibility for the costs that come with running our caring, welcoming, and life-enriching organization. All members are asked to demonstrate this commitment by making a pledge for the coming fiscal year and then by fulfilling that pledge as the year progresses. 

For those members and friends whose circumstances do not allow for making such a commitment, we ask that you let the Stewardship chair or Minister know your situation so that we do not continue to ask.

How do I know what is the right amount to pledge?

The right amount for each person or family to pledge is a personal decision.

What can you contribute on a weekly or monthly basis to the health and well-being of our shared ministry here at UUCC? When you pledge, you are demonstrating your commitment to a place you have chosen as your spiritual home. It is not simply making a donation to just another charity. So, please let your pledge celebrate your generosity, commitment and responsibility!

  • A pledge commitment in our faith tradition often ranges from 3% to 7% of household income. Some UUCC members pledge at a 10% tithe. Our goal is to see more folks reach the 7% to 10% level. Please make an intentional effort to move to a higher level of giving over this year and the coming years to support your beloved community.
  • Some people find the Fair Share Guide a useful chart.
  • If you are giving all you can, Thank You!
  • We ask all to give what you are able. If everyone gives as they are able, we will build an exciting future together at UUCC!

I don’t remember what I pledged this year. Can I look that up?

Sure. If you are a member or friend of UUCC, our online database, OneChurch, has all of your financial information available for you to view. It has a Profile for each member where you can see your pledge commitment and pledge payments.

  • Click on the link:  Dashboard (onechurchsoftware.com)
  • Log into OneChurch and sign in with your username and password.
  • OneChurch will display your Dashboard. Click on View my Profile on the top left under your picture.
  • Next click on the “$ Giving” tab
  • Look for the side-by-side buttons “Transactions” and “Pledges”
  • Click on “Pledges” to see both what you pledged for the current year and how much of that pledge you have paid to date
  • If you have trouble, contact our Church Administrator Raymond Cady at office@uuccglenallen.org or call 804-752-6605.

What is the 2022-23 Pledge Drive Goal? What do our pledged donations make possible?

The goal is $294,000, a $14,000 increase or 5% over last year’s pledges.

Historically, the pledge drive provides approximately 81% of the income needed to operate our church year-round. This year we need for it to be an even larger percentage to make up for the operating reserve carryforward of $20,000 which will not repeat this year. Using the operating reserve carryforward essentially means that we borrowed $20,000 from our savings account to pay for this year’s budget and will not be able to do that again. 

The expenses include what our congregation spends to pay for staff salaries and benefits, utilities, insurance, all types of supplies, equipment, services, care for our buildings and grounds, trash removal and everything else! For the remaining approximately 19% of our income, we have fundraisers, rentals, and other donations.

For more information about income sources and why it is extra important this year that everyone submits a pledge for next year by March 5, see the narrative and chart in the brochure.

It’s all about planning and being able to use UUCC’s financial assets wisely. Imagine if your boss said to you, “I can’t tell you what your hourly pay rate or salary will be in advance. I’ll just give you whatever I can each month.” Would that work for you? How would you know what mortgage payment or car payment you could afford? How could you plan anything?

Why are we asked to make a pledge in advance, instead of just paying as we go?

Like you, UUCC has many obligations – to our Mission, our staff, our members and friends, etc. Reliable income predictions are crucial to balancing spending with income and choosing the best ways to fulfill our obligations and serve our Mission. A reliable income forecast is necessary to make good decisions. 

What if my circumstances change and I need to change my pledge?

We know that especially in these extraordinary times, many things are in flux. Simply contact the Office Administrator or Stewardship chair and let them know you need to make an adjustment and what amount you will be increasing or decreasing.

Can I pay my pledge with money deducted automatically from a bank account?

Or contact Office Administrator Raymond Cady to help you make this happen. You can call 804-752-6605.

Testimonials | TOP

Watch Rev. Kayla talk about the 30 year anniversary of UUCC Glen Allen.
2022-23 Stewardship Campaign — Building our Future

Message From UUCC Moderator | TOP

2022-23 Stewardship Campaign

This is an exciting time for UUCC. We are in the midst of an Interim Ministry with a dynamic interim minister who is preparing us to call our next settled minister. The ministerial search committee is hard at work. As a congregation, we have begun the work to decide what is important to members of this community. Much work will need to be done in order to define who we are and where we want to go together in building our future. We hope that all will participate when asked by our search committee.
Our many committees continue to meet and brainstorm on how we go forward as we look at returning, in some fashion, to our beloved sanctuary for services in the near future.

We have an incredible community of generous, hardworking members and friends. We have a very active social action ministry where racial justice, voting rights, LGBTQ rights, immigrant resettlement issues, women’s rights is a presence in our community. We have more work to do and we will continue to expand our ministry. We have a strong music and arts program and our Religious Exploration program is open to all, young and old.

Our UUCC Vision is to be a vibrant, growing religious community that promotes transforming spiritual growth, provides inspiration, fellowship, and support, utilizing our eight principles in our daily lives and our work in the greater community. It is important to keep this Vision now and looking toward to our future if we are to be our best selves.

Are you aware that UUCC has architectural drawings for building a new larger sanctuary? My vision of UUCC within the next five years is watching the groundbreaking ceremony for the addition to our church building. This will allow for increased classroom space for our Religious Exploration classes and for offices for our employees. We can make this happen. Two of the Tidewater cluster churches had successful capital campaigns during the Covid years!

I also envision that UUCC forge additional partnerships with community organizations working shoulder to shoulder to create a more just world. Our support of RISC (Richmonders Involved to Strengthen Communities), a grassroots congregations-based organization, provides a blueprint for this type of collaborative work. I also see UUCC’s community action projects and commitments include opportunities for our children and youth.

In order to bring our vision forward – to establish a foundation for having a dynamic settled minister and engage in activities that define UUCC to ourselves and the larger community, we need the will, as demonstrated by expanded volunteerism and abundant financial resources from the congregation, to fund those dreams. I see that we can give our time, talent, and treasure to make it be so.

I agreed to become your Moderator because I find these exciting times at UUCC. Our chosen Mission is: “Using love, wonder, and connection we transform ourselves and the world”. Let us join together in Building our Future!

UUCC Moderator