SprUUCCe Up—Six Acres

UUCC is blessed with land. A labyrinth for meditation. The Bickford Trail for nature. A fire pit for a friendly gathering. Not one but two playgrounds for the kids. Two memorial gardens and an engraved-slate patio to remember loved ones. Benches and picnic tables to sit a spell. And a prayer tree. 

For those who see meaning in the interconnectedness of life, it’s both a gift and a responsibility — something that belongs to all of us. So, to share the wealth, the Building and Grounds committee came up with a list and map of 35 outside sites open for adoption by individuals, families, friends and committees. Dubbed “SprUUCCe up,” the program began March 2021 to weed, prune, rake, mulch, water plants, sand and seal picnic tables and benches and inspect playground equipment as well as the Little Free Library. Shrubs and trees around the building, parking lot and the landscape got special attention. And a beautiful bed was created around the UUCC church sign—anticipating a fall planting in 2022.  Many hands made lighter work for the regular (volunteer) maintenance team. SprUUCCe up season runs from March to December. Volunteers work on their own schedules. The first Saturday of each month from 9 am to 11 pm is also dedicated for site work, pruning tips and camaraderie. Tools and restrooms are available onsite. For more information, please follow this link to the members area.