Newcomer’s Class

for returning visitors who want to know more about UUCC

Find out more about Unitarian Universalism and about how things work at UUCC. This two-part class will include a “Getting to Know You” session, exploring your personal religious/spiritual journey, learning the history of UUCC, and discovering how to get involved and become integrated into our wonderful congregation.

These classes are held monthly, on the second Sunday, after the church service.

This class, even if you are not new to UU, is a great way to meet others.

What does membership mean?

Membership means making a commitment to participate regularly, and to make an annual financial contribution.

Membership means seeking your own spiritual truth and offering support and encouragement to others as they seek their truth.

Membership means opening yourself to opportunities for spiritual growth.

Membership means seeking to understand and celebrate diversity.

Membership means speaking your truth with love and respect and listening with an open heart and mind.

Why should I become a member?

By joining you become a stakeholder and help determine the future of the Unitarian Universalist Community Church.  You become part of the decision making process with your voice, vote, and your service. Only members can vote or serve on the Board.

How do I become a member?

Some folks know quickly that they want to become part of our congregation. Others take more time to discover if UUCC is a good fit for them. There is no “right way” or “right time” to make your decision. Attending our Newcomer’s class is a great start.

Participating in any of our activities is another way to connect. You may even serve on committees before joining. After you’ve made the decision to join, you many sign the membership book any time you are ready.

For more information, contact our Membership Committee (