Sundays in 2022

May – Nurturing Beauty

May 22 — Flower Communion Sunday

Bring beauty, receive beauty. Bring your gifts, beliefs and passions and watch them grow through experiencing others’. Today we celebrate the power of community through our Flower Communion Sunday as we celebrate our newest members.

May 29 — Beautiful Memories

Today we honor those we have loved and lost. Bring a picture or memento to add to our alter if you’re attending service in person, or upload a photo in link below to be included in slides below by Tuesday, 5/24.


Last/Past Services/Sermons

Some segments and sermons are available on the Unitarian Universalist Community Church Glen Allen YouTube channel.

May – Nurturing Beauty

May 15 — Searching for Beauty

It’s time for an annual favorite – the music and arts service! This year, it’s a mulitgen and interactive, immersive experience! Join us as we explore the beauty of creativity through the arts.

May 8 — Mother’s Day — Beauty in Relationship

Join us as we celebrate Mother’s Day – and honor the complexity of this holiday for many of us. This year, we especially honor the choices we have in relationship and motherhood. Join us as we delve into the beauty that exists in relationship, and thrives in diversity.

May 1 — Beauty as a Calling 

How does an appreciation for beauty call us to live for love and justice in our world? What is beauty, truly, and how does it pull us towards a more full life and living?

April – Theme – Awakening

April 24 — Celebrating Rev. Cathie Stivers

Join us for this outdoor, multigenerational service to celebrate Rev. Cathie Stivers. We’ll honor our departing community minister, and bless her unfolding path, as we receive a blessing from her. An outdoor reception will follow, and all are invited!

April 17 — Easter & Passover – Easter Egg Hunt After Service

Join us for our Easter Sunday service! We’ll be honoring Passover, talking new life, celebrating the spring and having an Easter egg hunt after service!

April 10 — Self-Awareness and Unbecoming

Join Guest Preacher Michele Nierle for a service on self-awareness. Sometimes we have to do some unlearning to become who we truly are!

April 3 — Calling In

Too often, complaints about “political correctness” are thinly veiled discriminations. And sometimes, the desire to be correct does not make enough space for learning and growth. How can we create a culture of “calling in” versus “calling out”? How is this action of “calling in” connected with our Unitarian and Universalist theologies?

March – Theme – Renewing Faith

March 27 — Boundaries: The Distance of Love 

“Boundaries are the distance at which I can love you and me simultaneously.” This wisdom was penned by Prentis Hemphill, therapist, somatics teacher, facilitator and political organizer. How can boundaries actually help us to love ourselves and others? How can they help our communities thrive?

March 20 — Unitarian Universalism in Song and Story

Join Beth Norton, Director of Music Ministry at First Parish in Concord, MA for this service on Unitarian Universalism in Song and Story. Our hymns tell stories of our history – join us in this music-filled service to learn what these are!

Note: this service is being led from people’s homes online as a zoom meeting so we can see one another’s faces. You are able to join us either at home, or to watch the broadcast with others in the sanctuary. If you would like to sing along and out-loud in this hymn-filled service, we invite you to join us in your home! If you would like to worship with others in community and listen to the hymns, we invite you to join us in the sanctuary!

March 13 — Holy Questions (followed by Congregational Meeting)

Curiosity might have killed the cat, but it brings us life and keeps us engaged! Today, we worship the holiness of questions, and invite you to bring some questions for Rev. Kayla to answer! So come with your questions in mind for this service, which will include a question box for the Interim Minister!

March 6 — Building our Future Stewardship Sunday (turn in the pledge card)

We are building our future. Right now. With our values, with how we interact with one another. By our faith in our future. By our investment in the future. Join us as we claim who we are, celebrate what we are becoming, and envision what we are to become.

February – Theme – Widening the Circle

February 27 – The Empty Chair – Honoring the Past and Making Space for the Future

The empty chair resembles those who have been a part of this community and departed, for so many reasons. It, too, resembles those who we hope to join our community. Those who we are building this community for. Today, we think about the meaning and purpose of leaving open an empty chair at our meetings and gatherings, and ponder how it might shift how we are together.

February 20 – Sexuality Through a UU Lens
A lifelong UU and lay speaker, Dr. Melanie Davis is also the Unitarian Universalist Association’s (UUA) Our Whole Lives Program Manager, and author of Our Whole Lives Sexuality Education (OWL) for Older Adults. She serves on the UU Trauma Response Ministry, and holds a MEd and PhD in Human Sexuality Education. Today with Melanie, we’ll learn more about the UUA’s commitment to sexual justice and inclusivity and the OWL program’s values of Self-Worth, Responsibility, Sexual Health, Justice, and Inclusivity.

February 13 – A Time to Widen – A Time to Narrow – Caring for Ourselves in Times of Crisis
When times are tough, and we’re at our capacity, it can sometime be helpful to make our circles and world a bit smaller. This is a coping mechanism we use as individuals, and as communities too. Today, we focus on caring and intention. Today, we give ourselves the grace and permission to make our worlds smaller when needed, and to expand them with increased empathy and care when we’re ready.

February 6 – Strength Training for Transformation – Rev. Kayla Parker

Sorry, UCCC bodybuilders. This will not be a service on how to bulk up your physical muscles. It will focus on how we as individuals and a community can aid our own transformation by developing our strengths. Come and join us as we name and celebrate our strengths, and reflect on how we can develop them even further.

At Coffee Hour, there will be a special breakout room for any and all caretakers to build community and reflect on what sustains us in the care we provide. Those caring for family, friends, or clients of any and all ages are welcome. (Yes, parenting is care taking, too!)

Jan 30 – Space – Rev. Kayla Parker
Join us as we honor and celebrate the importance of space in this community, reflect on how we can create transformational space — and welcome our newest members!
Jan 23- Earth – Rev. Kayla Parker
This Sunday, we reconnect to Earth. What is it we hear when we listen to her? Join us from this worship livestreamed from the Sanctuary — and the grounds of UUCC, too! Included in worship will be an invitation to step outside and listen to nature for a moment, or to join us as we spend a moment on the UUCC grounds.

Jan 16 – Fire – Rev. Kayla Parker
Fire is passion and anger and renewal. Today, we return to the fire that burns in our own selves for justice. How do we fan this flame and help it fuel us into action?

Jan 9 – Water – Rev. Kayla Parker
Are you drinking 8, 8 ounce cups of water a day? Water is an essential part of our individual bodies and our planet. Today, we explore all we have to learn from it.
Jan 2 – Breathe – Rev. Kayla
Join Rev. Kayla and church leaders who have studied mindfulness and meditation to explore the topic, Breath. This is the first service in our Back to the Basics Series as part of our Living With Intention Theme in the month of January.

December 26 – Now – A Service with the Church of the Larger Fellowship
This Sunday, we join Unitarian Universalism’s largest congregation, the Church of the Larger Fellowship (CLF). CLF is a church that meets virtually, and one of their largest ministries is with incarcerated Unitarian Universalists. This service invites us into connection with the over 1,450 incarcerated members of the Church of the Larger Fellowship. It features original music by incarcerated UU member of CLF, Storm Craver.

Christmas Eve 5 pm — Lessons and Carols of Joy — A Christmas Eve Celebration
Join us in our traditional Christmas Eve Service, where we’ll hear the lessons and sing the carols of the season. Joyful, beautiful and solemn; we’ll rediscover the wonders of Christmas together. The service will begin at 5 pm.

December 19 — The Longest Night, Rev. Kayla Parker
Join us for a honoring of solstice and advent, and an exploration of all we can learn from the longest night.

December 12 — The Best Way To Be An Elf…”, Adena Dannouf, Rev. Kayla Parker & many, many others
Join us virtually for our annual “Children & Youth Holiday Program”! This Zoom Meeting will be a fun story full of music and merriment will feature a virtual production with faces you may know. It will also be interactive, multi-generational, and hopefully fill you with a good dose of “Holiday Spirit”. Hope to see you there!

December 5 — Hearts Breaking Open — Lessons from the AIDS Crisis, with Rev. Kayla Parker

On December 1, World AIDS day was honored. This morning, we look at how the AIDS crisis of the 80s and 90s impacted so many here in the United States. We hear the story of UUCC member LaShon Skuta, who worked as a nurse in one of the few hospital wings treating AIDS patients during this time. We contemplate the heartbreak that can transform our lives for the better — and what all this means in the midst of our current global pandemic.

November 28 — Our Her/History: Our Stories of UUCC Through the Decades

This morning, we look at our history through our own stories. Members of UUCC throughout it’s nearly three decades tell our her/history through their own experiences.

November 21 — UUCC Legacy

In this service, Brenda Clarkson, Dorothy Fillmore, and Lisa Poe show how mourning rituals allow us (as individuals and as a collective) to grieve and celebrate the life and legacy of the deceased as well as an opportunity to think more deeply about our own lives.

November 14 — UUCC: A Reclaiming of Rural, Spiritual Universalism

The Unitarian Universalist Community Church of Glen Allen has struck Rev. Kayla as a church that is grounded in our Universalist origins. Historically, Universalists were the more spiritual to the more intellectual Unitarians. Universalists were the smaller, rural churches to the Unitarians larger, university-town churches. Today we delve into just what Universalism is, and the power of this reclaiming, however unconscious it was. How does this historic faith shape our church today, and how will it move us into the future?

Stick around, because after service we’ll be having fellowship and coffee hour by neighborhood group! This is a great chance to meet other UUCC folks in your neck of the woods and get to know one another a bit better! And – if you’re not living here, there is an “out of the area” neighborhood group, too!

November 7 — The Origins of our Faith: From Christian Heretics to Theological Pluralists Sermon

The story of two denominations of Christian heretics who linked up to become a group of theological pluralists – ones who dared to declare they were still a church! This morning, we delve into the exciting origin story of Unitarian Universalism and ponder what the heretical task of Unitarian Universalism is today.

In this Service we will look at our history through our own stories. Members of UUCC throughout it’s nearly three decades tell our her/history through their own experiences.